Sunday, October 26, 2014

New York Solo Show

Here are snapshots from my 2014 solo exhibit at 
Pleiades Gallery 530 West 25th Street, New York. 

"Shorewashed Stones" (oil on canvas) 30"x40"
"Survival of the Fittest" (pastel on Canson) 24"x30"
"Pineapple" (oil on canvas) 42"x42" 
"Vincent Van Gnome" greets a gallery viewer at the opening.
"Forest in Full Moon" charcoal 26"x20" 
"Forest between Seasons"  (graphite) 20"x16"
"Morning after Heavy Snowfall" (graphite) 20"x16"
"Spring Breaks by the Lake" (oil on canvas) 30"x30"
"Twilight by the Bay" (oil on canvas) 30"x30"
"Chequamegon Twilight" (pastel on Canson) 27"x33"

"Winter Path" (oil on canvas) 18"x18" 
"Seawash Tondo II" (oil on canvas) 36" diameter
"Peony II: After the Rain" (oil on canvas) 30"x30"
"Wine Harvest" (oil on canvas) 16"x32" 
"Seawash Tondo" (oil on canvas) 36" diameter 

These are a few snapshots from the day of the reception with friends and family as well as some alums from Northland College. 

A family snapshot with Mom, brother, sister and cousins


And as always, we end the reception with a hearty paella dinner at "El Quijote" on 23rd street in Chelsea.

Tired but happy!  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Preparing for the Exhibit

Now that the paint is drying, I am facing that tacky art show task:
Two Tondos (round paintings)  ready to go
"Seawash Tondo I and II" 
 "Seawash Tondo II" (oil) 36" diameter

Below, summer beach stones are now dry enough to frame
"Shorewashed Stones" oil 30"x40"
Lastly, this "vintage" pineapple painting will get a reprise.
"Ananas comosus" oil 42x42
I'm probably adding a few more smaller works but first I have to see what my Subaru Outback will hold!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Works in Progress for October Show

Here's a few more paintings finished and ready to go to New York. 
The hungry deer ate all our flowers this summer!
So I'm celebrating in paint, a couple that survived! 
 I'm considering these two finished.
I even cleaned up the basement work area for this snap!
 Peony 1 (After the Rain) oil 30"x30"
 Peony 2 (In the Morning Rain) oil 30"x30"
 "Survival of the Fittest" Pastel (The Northland College campus flower)
 "Wine Harvest"  oil  32"x16"
(framed below) 
And a few more to come

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Catching up after a Hiatus

"Twilight by the Bay" Oil 30"x30"
After such a long delay in blogging, I actually forgot how to sign in and post here!  I'm finally getting some snapshots together of work done in winter & spring. I'll post more as I organize "works in progress" for an upcoming show at Pleiades Gallery in New York.

"Spring Breaks by the Lake”   Oil 30 x30

"Morning after the Heavy Snowfall" Charcoal
"Full Moon in the Forest" Charcoal 14"x18"
"Forest between Seasons" Charcoal
There's a story behind the little drawing below. 
On a visit last fall to the home of a couple of artist friends Paul and Lynn Digby, I enjoyed sitting in their garden on a cool evening and witnessed the practice of making charcoal on an open fire. The char is supposed to be good for harvest mulch... but it makes great drawing tools as well! 

"Char Fire"  Drawing with homemade charcoal
Here is a snapshot of My friends' garden char fire coupled with the resulting charcoal sticks which I took home and used in the drawing.
Here's a previously completed little painting... now in a frame. 
"Campfire"  Oil 19"x19"