Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small Seasonal Paintings

I've been unable to be in my studio up north recently.  Luckily, our apartment complex in Minneapolis has a nice craft room.  The Apartment Association allowed me a nifty corner in the communal space to set up an  easel.  For now, smaller space means smaller paintings. 
These are WIPs ("works in progress") and they are far from finished!
"Autumn after Rain"
"Spring Flower in Shower"
This year, brought plenty of rain and I find myself viewing lots of nature covered in transparent droplets. 

I have always loved the play of water on objects in my natural environment, as seen from previous postings, tide washed stones from the ocean and Lake Superior's shore have long attracted my attention.

A few will make it into the my upcoming New York exhibition called "Seasonal Details".


  1. Beautiful Works Ruth! You seem to be conforming nicely to the smaller space!

    1. Thanks C.P. But I'm a bit daunted trying to keep the place "neat". Since my work habits in the early stages of paintings are often messy w/ solvents, I still depend on my crusty basement to get a painting started.

  2. Looks like you are making good use of that corner space. Your WIP's are looking fantastic.

    1. Thanks Kathleen, The light is surprisingly good for a windowless room...and (in theory)I can work any time of day or night.