Sunday, August 19, 2012

Minneapolis: Sunday in the Park

With fall in the air we decided to take advantage of the nice weather for another Sunday afternoon stroll in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden across from the Walker Art Center.

The Claes Oldenburg /Coosje van Bruggen ever popular installation "Spoonbridge and Cherry" was surprisingly devoid of photo-op wedding parties today.  The early fall breeze and spraying mists may have kept some at bay.

I’ve never been totally at home with Minimalism but Sol Lewitt’s “X with Columns” a concrete and cinder block temple in the snap below, is nicely softened by its environment.  Today however, no one was climbing on or through it.

One of my favorite works in the sculpture garden is this interactive sculpture below by Dan Graham   titled “Two way Mirror” a labyrinth of steel, glass and arborvitae hedges.

Graham's punched steel mirrors plays with reflection and transparency.  The images are affected by the sunlight and change during the course of the day. 

In this second snap, I went around to the other side of the wall and although we seem to be together ...we are actually looking at each other from opposite side

The Sculpture Garden sadly, has some serious accessibility issues with their sidewalks and paths.  But I understand they hope to address that problem soon.

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  1. Thanks for those lovely shots guys. I loved my years in Northfield and the Twin Cities. Envy your trips and photo excursions Ruth.