Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Studio "House Work"

I opened this blog account many months ago and then failed to follow through!  So many exhibits I've viewed and so much nature I've enjoyed and I never caught up with archiving it with photos.
Time to catch up...  I'm a whole season behind!
Here a bit of the works in progress and happenings in my own studio.

I had some perfect days this summer for taking the studio OUTSIDE! Bob helped by cutting these circles from 3/4in plywood so I can make stretchers for tondos.
I soaked the lath strips overnight in the lake (tied to dock) to make them piable. Then clamped them around the 3/4 in. plywood forms while still wet.

Lotsa drilling and scewing here! ;)

Stretching and sizing with gesso. I hate painting on white I color my gesso grey.

Stretching a round canvas requires a lot of "easing in"

Aaarrgh...wrinkles! I did not ease the canvas in, evenly. I will have to go back and restaple to tighten it all around!
Finally ... below, an actual "WIP" or work in progress
Left: stage one.  Drawing it in a composition in keeping with the tondo shape. 
Right: stage two. I began to give some shape to the stones ..

Sadly it is here that I stopped as I'm a bit unsatified with this start. 
I am going to work on some other small painting and return to finish it ...or maybe paint over it!


  1. So did you toss? I have tossed a lot of writing in my life...

  2. I have tossed MANY a painting as well. But this canvas took enough effort to get stretched and sized, that I may allow it to winter over in my storage bin and rethink the image.

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Nice blog. To stretch a round canvas is that hard? I have some printings on canvas I would like to stretch but I'm not feeling confident enough. Could you give some tip or advise?