Sunday, July 24, 2011


Maxfield Parrish (Premier painter of the Golden Age of Illustration) was a friend of my grandfather Col. Thomas Lull.  They lived on opposite sides of the covered bridge that connected Windsor, Vermont with the area of New Hampshire where Parrish lived and worked.  Parrish often came into Windsor for coffee and to gather material for his landscapes of Vermont countryside for the annual calendars printed from his paintings. 
 Lull Brook Winter
"Lull Brook Winter" takes its inspiration from the brook named after the Lull Family who settled that area.  The brook still traverses the bucolic Vermont countryside and I often revisit Lull Brook when I'm back east and It is my hope to do my own (updated) verion of Lull Brook sometime in the near future.  Meanwhile I have a lot of other painting to do in anticipation for my next exhibit. 



  1. I would like to see that. I was enraptured with Parrish as a child and young woman, and he can still catch my eye.

  2. Just came here, via Marly...I lived for 30 years just a few miles north of Windsor, VT, and visited the Parrish estate several times. People think he invented those skies, but they really occur there! I'm happy to read of your family connection to this beautiful part of New England. (And wish I could go see that glass exhibit in Boston!)